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  • USSR — Diploma “Почетная грамота”

    A rather exceptional piece, this is a merit diploma for a worker on the Soviet Pavilion, comrade Aleksandr Semyonovitch Arkharov. Unfortunately, we do not know his exact role on the pavilion. Here is the translation: Diploma of honor. Comrade Aleksandr Semyonovich ARKHAROV. Is awarded for the successful work of the Soviet section at the World…

  • FRANCE — Booklet “French Caribbean”

    Tourist promotion booklet for the French West Indies. “Columbus discovered Guadeloupe on November 4, 1493. He named it after a monastery in Spain, keeping a promise he had made to Spanish monks. Over the centuries, control of the island changed hands many times, but it finally became a department of France in 1946. Martinique is…

  • BARBADOS AND GUYANA — Philately “Postage stamps of Barbados”

    Souvenir of the pavilion with a short text about the two countries, with a sheet of 10 postage stamps of Barbados. The stamps represent the marine fauna and flora of the country.

  • DENMARK — Booklet “Denmark”

    Small booklet on the Danish contribution to the world exhibition. Themes: Rune-stone, Agriculture, Science, Applied art, Diesel motors and Trade.

  • VENEZUELA — Booklet “Venezuela”

    General presentation booklet on the country: institutions, statistics, economy, infrastructures.

  • UNITED STATES — Philately “Souvenir Cover, The Canadian Pavilion”

    Philatelic envelope of the “First Day of Issue”. It includes the stamp issued by Canada Post for Expo 67. It is stamped by the postal service of the American Pavilion. The American stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation is also stamped with the words “First Day of Issue”. The envelope is exceptional…

  • TUNISIA — Leaflet “The Fresco “Man and His World””

    Description on a mini sheet of the “Man and His World” fresco in the Tunisian Pavilion. This is a work by Tunisian artist Zoubeir Turki, who died in 2009, and illustrates the theme of Expo 67. The pavilion had a warm colored tile floor, white walls, beautiful columns and Mediterranean plants. Turki’s creation was set…

  • MAURITIUS — Booklet “Mauritius, Innerspace Eldorado”

    A look at Mauritius, through its history and natural wealth. Tourist promotion.

  • MONACO — Flyer “The Monaco Game”

    Contest for 15 days vacation for 2 people in the Principality of Monaco.

  • INDIA — Booklet “Le pavillon Inde, expo 67”

    Mini guide to the India Pavilion: furniture, jewelry, lifestyle, history, export, atomic energy and Indian cuisine.

  • HABITAT 67 — Dossier “Habitat 67 – Phase 1”

    This document is a summary description of the first phase of Habitat 67 construction and its concept. It details the circulation and construction systems, as well as the structural and mechanical aspects. A brief presentation of the site. It also reveals the contracts and subcontracting.

  • GHANA — Booklet “Ghana at a glance”

    Promotional brochure on Ghana.

  • GREAT BRITAIN — Bookmark “Books from Britain”

    Promotional bookmark for the British book store.

  • FRANCE — Program “Prestige de Paris – Garden of stars”

    Program of the performance Prestige de Paris – Garden of the stars during the World Festival. The document contains the ticket for the October 12, 1967 performance pasted on one of the pages. The show includes a patchwork of French culture: variety shows with Mick Micheyl, cabaret cancan with the Doriss Girls from the Moulin…