USSR — Diploma “Почетная Грамота (Pochotnaya gramota)”

Pavillon :


A rather exceptional piece, this is a merit diploma for a worker on the Soviet Pavilion, comrade Aleksandr Semyonovitch Arkharov. Unfortunately, we do not know his exact role on the pavilion. Here is the translation: Diploma of honor. Comrade Aleksandr Semyonovich ARKHAROV. Is awarded for the successful work of the Soviet section at the World Exhibition in Montreal, 1967 (Expo 67). Signed: General Commissioner of the USSR section - (B. BORISOV); Director of the USSR section - (P. CHERVYAKOV); Party Commissioner of the USSR section (N. KARELIN); Chairman of the local committee of the USSR section (I. KALYUZHNY). In original language: Почетная Грамота. ТОВАРИЩ, АРХАРОВ Александр Семенович. Награждается настоящей грамотой за успешную работу в Советской секции на всемирной выставке 1967 года в г. Монреале (ЭКСПО-67). Генеральный Комиссар Секции СССР — (Б.БОРИСОВ). Директор Секции СССР и а — (П. ЧЕРВЯКОВ). Парторг Секции СССР И — (Н.КАРЕЛИН). Председатель Месткома Секции СССР — (И.КАЛЮЖНЫЙ).

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Author: Pavillon Soviétique

Soviet Pavilion

Editor: Pavillon Soviétique

Soviet Pavilion

Language: Russian

Date of publication: January, 01st 1967

Collection: Collection personnelle,

Dimensions: 10,43 x 14,93 inches

Number of pages: 2 p.

Degree of rarity: Very Rare