I. KALIN — Book “Expo 67 : Building Materials Systems and Techniques”

Survey of Building Materials, Systems and Techniques used at the Universal and International Exhibition of 1967. Montreal, Canada. "The publication is, in this respect, an extension of the Exhibition. It informs the researcher, the builder and those interested in art of processes and methods which determined forms and conditioned functions. It simultaneously consecrates the research and sophistication efforts of designers who participated in the realization of Expo and places architectural analysis on an objective and scientific level, making it a worthwhile medium of publicizing the new architechtonic achievements."

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[Classification call number: DOC001].

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Author: I. Kalin

Editor: Departments of Industry and Trade and Commerce, Materials Branch

Ministère de l'industrie et du commerce, Direction des matériaux d'infrastructures

Language: English

Date of publication: January, 01st 1970

Collection: Collection personnelle, expo67.museum

Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches

Number of pages: 307 p.

Degree of rarity: Very Rare