USSR — Flyer “Unión soviética, pabellón soviético, el carácter soviético. (La guía mas breve de la URSS.)”

Pavillon :


This brochure is one of the most widely distributed documents to the public during Expo 67. It is easily found for resale on online auction sites. It is very graphic and colorful, drawing inspiration from a space exploration theme. It describes the Soviet pavilion, with a map of the different levels. It comes in various versions (matte paper with a red hammer and sickle logo, glossy paper with a similar but silver logo) and in at least 6 known languages: French, English, and less commonly or even very rare in German, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian. “The Soviet Union, the Soviet Pavilion, the Soviet Character. An event of epochal significance shook the world one ordinary, dreary autumn day, when a fine drizzle sprayed the streets of European towns and villages. A socialist revolution broke out in Russia. This happened fifty years ago, on November 7th, 1917. The Rus… Russia … the Land of the Soviets…”

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[Classification call number: SUN202].

This document is available in its entirety scanned in high definition 1200DPI format. It is presented here in a reduced version to facilitate the display of the page.

Author: Pavillon Soviétique

Editor: Vneshtorgizdat (Внешторгиздат)

Language: Spanish

Date of publication: April, 28th 1967

Collection: Collection personnelle,

Dimensions: 12,97 x 9,36 inches

Number of pages: 12 p.

Degree of rarity: Very Rare