FRANCE — Program “Prestige de Paris – Garden of stars”

Prestige de Paris - Garden of stars

Pavillon :


Program of the performance Prestige de Paris - Garden of the stars during the World Festival. The document contains the ticket for the October 12, 1967 performance pasted on one of the pages. The show includes a patchwork of French culture: variety shows with Mick Micheyl, cabaret cancan with the Doriss Girls from the Moulin Rouge (Jean-Pierre Charnas and Nicole Rovère), theater with Bernard Dhéran from the Comédie Française and opera with the star dancers Daniel Fuger and Michel Renault. Also on stage are Helen and Walter from the Casino de Paris, the Marthys Attraction from the Lido, but also Maurys Vedy & Antonio Amengual, Guy Jacquetin, and Roger Pappini & Gang.

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[Classification call number: FRA001].

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Autor: Prestige de Paris

Editor: Prestige de Paris

Language: English French

Date of publication: April, 28th 1967

Collection: Collection personnelle,

Dimensions: 10,79 x 8,24 inches

Number of pages: 24 p.

Degree of rarity: Very Rare