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  • INDIA — Flyer “Fanfare for India”

    Promotional leaflet to encourage investment in India.

  • CANADA — Program “Cultural programming of the Canadian Pavilion (Period of May 5 to May 14)”

    Cultural programmation of the Canadian Pavilion for the period from May 5 to May 14, 1967. Theater and bandshell.

  • USSR — Booklet “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”

    General informative document about the Soviet Union and several aspects of its functioning, in the context of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. The document is autographed by Valentin G. Puchkov, a woodcutter, who worked at a factory making artistic wood cuts near Moscow for almost 25 years. More surprisingly, it also includes the…

  • AMERICAN SIGHTSEEING — Leaflet “Alaska and the Yukon with American Sightseeing”

  • AUSTRIA — Flyer “Austria”

    Presentation of the Austrian Pavilion. “Welcome to the Austrian Pavilion. Inside in our theatre we present the ‘Vision of Austria.’ As through a rock crystal we show you our country by means of a sonic picture sequence.”

  • IVORY COAST — Flyer “Ivory Coast”

    General Information on Ivory Coast. “The Ivory Coast is situated on the West Coast of Africa between Ghana and Liberia. Its area over 100,000 sq miles and its population counts less than four million inhabitants. There are tour main rivers, some towns in full development and Abidjan capital city of the country, is the biggest, most…

  • EUROPE — Flyer “To see Europe”

    Tourist flyer on the European railroads.

  • FRANCE — Booklet “French Caribbean”

    Tourist promotion booklet for the French West Indies. “Columbus discovered Guadeloupe on November 4, 1493. He named it after a monastery in Spain, keeping a promise he had made to Spanish monks. Over the centuries, control of the island changed hands many times, but it finally became a department of France in 1946. Martinique is…

  • TORONTO-DOMINION BANK — Map “Your map of Expo 67”

  • USSR — Flyer “To the visitors of the Soviet Pavilion”

    Message of Nikolaï Podgorny, President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, à for the visitors of the Soviet Pavilion. “This year is a special one for our state. In November the Soviet Union will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution which set free the spiritual and…

  • GERMANY — Flyer “German Pavilion”

    Highlights on the German Pavilion: architecture, technology, history, brief program and restaurants.

  • FRANCE — Flyer “A Six-star Attraction”

    Presentation of the French Pavilion: The Largest Exhibit, The Most Fascinating Art, The Newest in Science, The Most Exciting in Fashion, A Unique Historical Exhibit and The Widest Choice of Restaurants

  • CANADA — Flyer “The Canadian Pavilion”

    Informative document of the Canadian Pavilion. “The Federal Government Pavilion is Canada’s official participation in Expo 67. Canada is the host nation to this world exhibition, and the Pavilion has been designed to make Canada and Canadians better known to visitors from around the world. It also serves as a mirror in which Canadians may…

  • ALGERIA — Book “Algeria Expo 67 Montreal”

    “It is also year 5 of Independent Algeria. Fortified by a young and dynamic people—57% of the eleven and a half million inhabitants are in fact less than 20 years old—its natural wealth and will to redress the situation, the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria confidently faces that most exulting task of building an upright and…

  • BARBADOS AND GUYANA — Philately “Postage stamps of Barbados”

    Souvenir of the pavilion with a short text about the two countries, with a sheet of 10 postage stamps of Barbados. The stamps represent the marine fauna and flora of the country.

  • SWITZERLAND — Flyer “Switzerland times Expo 67”

    Who keeps Expo 67 on time? The Swiss, of course… Swiss watchmaking was promoted through the 105 official clocks of Expo 67, whose control centre was located in the Swiss Pavilion. As agreed between the Canadian Corporation for EXPO 67 and all major watch organizations in Switzerland, the Swiss watch industry accepted the assignment of…

  • CANADIAN CORPORATION FOR THE 1967 WORLD EXHIBITION — Passport “Season Passport to Man and his World – Child”

    Season child passport of Celine Dion, funny homonym. Stamp of the following flags: Greece, Radio and Television, United Nations, Hospitality and Natural Gas, Christian, Mauritius, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, Guyana, Cuba, Ceylon, Haiti, Barbados, Tanzania, Thailand, Kenya, Ghana, India, Chad, Burma, United Arab Republic (Egypt), Australia, Algeria, Scout Center, Steel, Germany, Canada, Polymer, Gabon, Kuwait, Ontario, Quebec,…

  • DENMARK — Booklet “Denmark”

    Small booklet on the Danish contribution to the world exhibition. Themes: Rune-stone, Agriculture, Science, Applied art, Diesel motors and Trade.

  • CUBA — Menu “Coppelia, cuban ice-cream”

    Menu detailing the flavors available at the Coppelia Cuban ice cream stand.

  • CZECHOSLOVAKIA — Brochure “Čedok presents your Czechoslovakia”

    Čedok is the oldest travel agency in the Czech Republic. Still existing nowadays, its history dates back to 1920, when the Czechoslovak Travel and Transport Agency was founded. The acronym Čedok was first used in 1926 and became the name of the company. During the socialist era, Čedok was for many years the dominant player…