TUNISIA — Leaflet “The Fresco “Man and His World””

The Fresco "Man and His World"

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[Classification call number: TUN002].

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Description on a mini sheet of the “Man and His World” fresco in the Tunisian Pavilion. This is a work by Tunisian artist Zoubeir Turki, who died in 2009, and illustrates the theme of Expo 67. The pavilion had a warm colored tile floor, white walls, beautiful columns and Mediterranean plants. Turki’s creation was set in an environment reminiscent of Arab palaces. Although the work no longer occupies its original place, it remains in the old pavilion (source: Blog, Studio Pluche).

Degree of rarity: Very Rare

Autor: Tunisian Pavilion at the Expo

Editor: Tunisian Pavilion at the Expo

Language: English French

Date of publication: April, 28th 1967

Collection: Collection personnelle, expo67.museum

Dimensions: 3,5 x 5,5 inches

Number of pages: 2 p.