NETHERLANDS — Leaflet “Radio Nederland—Our Frequency is 9590 kHZ”

Pavillon :


Annual calendar in the form of a memo card of Radio Nederland with its frequency. “If You’ve Shortwave on Your Dial and Don’t Use It, You’ve Paid Too Much for Your Set! Tune in to Radio Nederland the Dutch World Broadcasting System. Daily Transmissions in Dutch (02.30-03.50 GMT) and in English (01.30-02.20 GMT). Our frequency is 9590 kHz”

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[Classification call number: NLD004].

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Autor: Radio Nederland

Editor: Radio Nederland

Language: English

Date of publication: April, 28th 1967

Collection: Collection personnelle,

Dimensions: 2,8 x 4,3 inches

Number of pages: 2 p.

Degree of rarity: Rare