CHAD — Booklet “Republic of Chad 1967”

Pavillon :


General Information about the Republic of Chad: President François Tombalbaye, Geographic and Historical Survey, Infrastructure and transportation, Education and Public Health, Tourism and Hunting, Economy and Finance, Five-Year Plan 1966–1970. The document has on its back the stamp of the Chad Pavilion. Because of their proximity in the Place de l'Afrique, we also find those of Gabon, Senegal, Rwanda, Madagascar, but also Algeria and Egypt.

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[Classification call number: TCD001].

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Author: Republic of Chad

République du Tchad

Editor: Republic of Chad

République du Tchad

Language: English

Date of publication: January, 01st 1967

Collection: Collection personnelle,

Number of pages: 20 p.

Degree of rarity: Uncommon