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  • KENYA — Flyer “Kenia Malerische kultur”

  • GERMANY — Receipt “Berlin Restaurant—German Pavilion”

    This receipt from the German Pavilion restaurant, under the direction of Georg Reiss, embodies a precious souvenir of Expo’s culinary effervescence. The establishment was an iconic destination at Expo 67, offering an authentic experience of German cuisine. Following this success, Reiss opened the restaurant “Le Vieux-Munich” in October 1969 at the corner of René-Lévesque and…

  • AUSTRIA — Flyer “Austria”

    Presentation of the Austrian Pavilion. “Welcome to the Austrian Pavilion. Inside in our theatre we present the ‘Vision of Austria.’ As through a rock crystal we show you our country by means of a sonic picture sequence.”

  • USSR — Flyer “Mussels in natural juice”

    Promotional leaflet on the mussel trade by the Foreign Trade Office of the Soviet Union.