CZECHOSLOVAKIA — Brochure “Čedok presents your Czechoslovakia”

Čedok presents your Czechoslovakia

Pavillon :


Čedok is the oldest travel agency in the Czech Republic. Still existing nowadays, its history dates back to 1920, when the Czechoslovak Travel and Transport Agency was founded. The acronym Čedok was first used in 1926 and became the name of the company. During the socialist era, Čedok was for many years the dominant player in the outbound tourism industry in Czechoslovakia. Present at the exhibition, they issue this brochure to potential future tourists in the Czechoslovak Pavilion. (source : Wikipédia)

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Author: Čedok

Editor: Čedok

Language: English French

Date of publication: April, 28th 1967

Collection: Collection personnelle,

Dimensions: 9,07 x 11,95 inches

Number of pages: 4 p.

Degree of rarity: Rare